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The Path Less Traveled: Five Hidden European Towns Filled With Old-World Charm

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: May 02, 2017 05:36 AM EDT

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Hidden Villages of Europe
Europe has villages that are dreamy and straight out of a fairy tale. The best part is, no one has discovered these five yet.
(Photo: Everest Kallaku/ YouTube )

Any moviegoer who had watched the latest remake of "Beauty and the Beast" would note that a quaint little village that Belle grew up in would be a lovely site to visit. One could take a gander that the location of such fictional village was set in the Middle Ages of Europe. Plenty of other Middle Age-style villages are hidden from plain sight, but we have the best five of them in this list.

Switzerland is the land of amazing chocolates and dreamy escapes. In the village of Giornico, Switzerland is an old-style European village with valleys and roads that would remind you of "The Sound of Music" and its locations. Family-run restaurants, stone bridges and a little river that sets the auditory tone, Giornico's travelers could enjoy knowing the few villagers and travelers that frequent the location.

Hallstatt in Austria only has 800 villagers in its official census and each one of them knows each other because one of the walls of their homes were built from the wall of their neighbors. The classic town of Hallstatt is like a painting in every angle, and the village is well preserved through funding due to its World Heritage Site status declared by Unesco.

According to World of Wanderlust, Bruges in Belgium is a hidden town with Lego-like houses that's similar to Venice. Bruge's Groenerei canal is a perfect getaway for honeymooner as it features romantic views with a picturesque backdrop of 17th century architecture.

For the British, a weekend of quiant relaxation is easily achievable in the village of Lavenham, Suffolk. England's Suffolk is a time capsule, showing how Britain looked like during the Middle Ages. In fact, when travelers walk into the town, they may be reminded of a "Harry Potter" magical village. About 350 houses in Lavenham are marked as heritage houses. Travelers can walk around this city while eating ice cream or lounge in conversation in teahouses according to Travel and Leisure.

Italy's Norcia introduces artisanship in cheese manufacturing that is handmade. In fact, most of the things sold in Norcia is handmade from prosciutti, pork cuts and wine. Travelers to this hidden little fairytale land would see rolling hills filled with red wildflowers for that instagram-worthy view. When visiting Norcia, don't miss the chance to sample the local artisan honey and get a room in a 16th century castle.

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