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Exciting Travel Destinations In Belgium For 2017

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Apr 28, 2017 05:27 AM EDT

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Europe is an entire travel destination for most travelers, stretching an entire week or month to go to seven different countries of the Eurozone bloc. Belgium is one country that most travelers only pass through for a day, or in the case of short-term travelers, just a few hours. These five exciting travel destinations in Belgium would say travelers need to dedicated more than a day to truly enjoy Belgium.

Travelers who love history, adding new knowledge or just interested in vintage musical instruments is in the right place should they visit Brussels. The Music Instrument Museum looks like an art form and an instrument made of brass itself from the outside. The building says it is the "Old England Department Store" but inside is a haven of almost every instrument that exists in the world. Free listening samples per instrument too!

The First World War is often forgotten by younger generations as being brutal and as savage as the Second World War. Belgium remembers its wounds during the time. According to The Guardian, the In Flanders Field Museum in Ypres is a great destination because it tells everyone that war, in any era, is never a good thing.

Perhaps one of the truly most interesting destinations in Belgium is the Bluebell Forest, a 1,370-acre forest where thousands upon thousands of purple Bluebell flowers create a carpet of purple underneath a sky of green. Located in Brussels, the "fairytale forest," as Hindustan Times refers to it, is a must-see destination just for its flowers.

In Antwerp, an interesting and quirky hotel named CasAnus steals the show. Located in a green countryside near the urbanity of Antwerp, the CasAnus hotel costs $130 per stay because travelers can take a photograph of themselves against an interesting backdrop. The CasAnus Hotel is part of the artworks of the Verbeke Foundation, which specializes in expressive art sculptures and features its own park nearby.

Also in Antwerp is Cafe De Kat, a brown bar that looks normal, but looks typical of many Hollywood hangouts for main characters. A piano out of tune stands in the corner and its old-style mahogany and moody decor complements it and sends visitors back in time as if the bar was truly a time machine.

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