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Five Magical British Cottages That Look Straight Out Of Fairytales

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: May 03, 2017 12:28 PM EDT

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British Cottages
Britain is home to many fairytales, and many fairytale-style cottages that look like they came out of storybooks -- and these five are the best of them all.
(Photo: Grig Stamate/YouTube )

Admit it; during playtime as youngsters, it was a fantasy to see an actual cottage where Goldilocks ended up visiting the three bears. It was nice to fantasize about Grandmother's home in Little Red Riding Hood. These houses sounded fantastic according to the author's descriptions. Fortunately, these five British cottages exist solely to fulfill that fantasy.

According to Telegraph UK, Cornwall is not entirely a rural spot because it offers great urban comforts, but travelers who find themselves in Cornwall's Ropehawn, a house of a former fisherman, will be enchanted by the place's charm. The small cottage is luxurious with its own library for reading beside a real campfire. This house in Cornwall is situated right next to a small harbor that introduces a feeling of relaxation as waves come and crash against the rocky beach.

In the Cumbrian Idyll is a small boathouse designed for beachside retreats. It offers basic amenities including a modernized kitchen and shower rooms. However, even for a cottage, a master bedroom and a twin-bed room are amazing additions. It also has a little harbor, but the best part is its conservatory, which offers amazing beach views at night.

Norfolk's The Spicers is a rentable cottage right next to the sea that could house an entire family. Run by the local Globe Inn, the cottage, which looks like one where the Swiss Family Robinson stayed, is next to everything happening in Norfolk's beaches. One could immediately run out into the sea, come back into the cottage or have a drink in the nearby concessionaires for all types of pleasures.

According to The Guardian UK, this cottage is not beside any beaches but it might remind you of the cottages each fairytale character almost had in stories. In Devon is Coastguard Cottage, which was built for British Officers surveying the site for possible smugglers during its operational period. A few centuries later, the well-preserved structure is now a fairytale home for those looking for something closer to nature and woodlands.

Lastly, Pembrokeshire's best cottage is a barn converted into a luxurious cottage with nine acres of land for guests to enjoy their time. The Tan y Garn has not only this wide spread of land but also an amazing view of a beach that is only a few steps away. Best about it is it is an eco-property; most electricity comes from solar panels yet it has WiFi and cable television.

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