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United Airlines -- David Dao Incident

United Airlines Cleared By Aviation Police Over David Dao Case

David Dao was "violent" and "verbally abusive" before the aviation officers showed up, according to aviation police investigations. Chicago's inspecto...


Playa de los Muertos (Los Muertos Beach) Puerto Vallarta - 2014

Mexico’s Most LGBT-Friendly Destination Of Puerto Vallarta Gets Even Friendlier

Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta wants to get even friendlier with its LGBT visitors.


Millennial Travel

Millennial Travels Focus On Simplicity And 'The Small Things'

Millennials are not encouraged by luxurious hotels and resorts for their vacations. Value-adding exp...


U.S. Navy Warship Rescues Iranian Fishing Boat Crew Held By Pirates

Viral Video Of “Somali Pirates Shooting VS Ships’ Private Security Guards” Finally Explained

The video “Somali Pirates Shooting VS Ships’ Private Security Guards” became a controversial t...


General Views of Amsterdam

Best Cities In The World For Millennials To Live In Revealed

Millennials are looking outside the U.S. in search of the best cities in the world for them to live ...


Hindu Prayer Room

Religious Leaders Want To Put A Hindu Prayer Room In Frankfurt Airport

The President of Universal Society of Hinduism along with several leaders from varying religions urg...


People Try The New Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Anthony Bourdain Disses Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappucino As The ‘Perfect Nexus Of Awfulness’

Anthony Bourdain hated Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappucino; he thought it's the "perfect nexus of awfuln...


American Airlines carrier on New York Aerial Views

American Airlines Crying Woman Now Working With Lawyer Representing United Airlines Passenger

The crying woman from the American Airlines incident has reached out to the same lawyer representing...


Kantaoui Bay

After Two Years, Tunisia's Kantaoui Bay Reopens After Terrifying History

Kantaoui Bay, formerly known as Imperial Marhaba Hotel, sheds away its bloodstained history during i...


Shark Frenzy Tilt-A-Whirl

Pacific Park's Pioneering Shark Frenzy Ride Features Seven Different Shark Breeds

Santa Monica's seaside theme park has a new ride most people would die to try. Shark Frenzy is the w...


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's Home In Brentwood Is Now Up For Grabs

The former house of international sex symbol Marilyn Monroe is now for sale.


Walt Disney World Resort Celebrates 45th Anniversary to Colorful Fanfare

Americans Prefer Amusement Parks Over National Parks, Study Reveals

A study on Americans' wanderlust revealed they prefer going to an amusement park to a national park.


Scenes Of Singapore

Discover Singapore’s Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations That Makes It A City That Has It All

Singapore highlighted its top green spots as your next travel destinations.


Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs' Decades Of Ideas For An Ideal City Still Matters Today

Jane Jacobs is a legendary icon against poor urban development, leading to the defeat of leading urb...


New York Times Square Renovation

New York Times Square Transforms From Crowded City Into A 'Multi-Use, Dynamic, Changing' Public Space

New York Times Square's new pedestrian walks are full of seats and space for various activities from...


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