If you want to gain Instagram followers who genuinely want to invest in the brands, products, and services you promote, especially while you're travelling the world and can't always be on your computer, you're going to want to do two things above all else: take beautiful photographs of the places you're exploring and write interesting if not seductive posts about your adventurous experiences. Hopefully with some luck, these two steps alone will gain you more followers who wish to be globetrotting in your muddy boots. 

But before we head into the jungle of "how tos" when it comes to gaining more Instagram followers while satisfying your never ending wanderlust, we need to identify precisely what kind of followers are out there. According to Socialpoint Senior Strategy Manger and social media blogger, Amelia Smith, there exist three types of followers: 

--False followers: These aren't even real followers. They are fake computer generated accounts or robots who subscribe to your account but don't leave comments or likes because they are not people. As an Instagram influencer you want brand sponsorships that will attract customers. Ain't gonna happen with the bots. Avoid them like you avoid mosquito infected swamps in the Amazon.  

--Non-targeted subscribers: At least these are real people. They see something attractive on your page, like a pretty photo of your face on the beach in Tulum, and in turn, they like your account. But they will rarely if ever, visit your page again. 

--Targeted subscribers: These are the holy grail of followers. The real people who are genuinely interested in your travel photos, vids, and content copy. They will digest your advice on everything from the best daypacks to water bottles to flashlights, and they will buy, buy, buy. 

In the end, the best way to weed out the bad from the good, is to audit your account on a frequent basis. Now that we know which kind of follower you're dealing with, how can you gain Instagram followers while adventuring and globetrotting? 

Produce an Instagram TV Travel Series

This one is such a no brainer for the serious travel enthusiast and blogger/vlogger that it should make you drop everything and begin your series today. According to professional influencer, Taylor Loren, 2020 and beyond will see lots of brands and services jumping on board Instagram video. It's growing so fast that IGTV's Product Marketing Manager is said to be creating a destination Instagram video app for folks on the move throughout the planet to browse and, hopefully, buy. Think of it as Netflix or Hulu for Instagram Influencers and their followers. The better, more niche focused the channel, the more interesting and visually pleasing the episode, the more dedicated followers you will gain.

Use Hashtags with your Instagram Posts

Start by making a list of hashtags related to your public profile, then use them on every photo you publish. These tags should work like keywords that will appeal and attract potential followers. For instance, if you're taking photos of a guest house you're partnering up with in Florence, Italy, that's conveniently located near the Duomo or Mercato Centrale, you'll want pictures not only of the guest house, but also of the Florence Cathedral and its famous dome. You'll also want visuals of the popular food market. Suggested hashtags might include, #Italytravel, #Florence, #Duomo, #MercatoCentrale. But don't limit yourself to our ideas. Experiment with what works on gaining you a high volume of new, true followers. 

Partner up with other Instagram Micro-Influencers

Teaming up with like-minded micro-influencers is one of the best way to expand your profile's audience. Your rate of buyer engagement can't help but go up and in some cases, it can double. With brands moving more and more towards partnerships with micro-influencers, partnerships make a whole lot of sense, especially when you can't always be at your laptop while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, or skydiving over Santorini. If done right, the followers you gain from your new partnerships will trust your brands with equal enthusiasm. The key is finding the right micro-influencer to partner with. Preferably one whose profile resonates with yours. For example, if you have a profile that heavily promotes adventure travel, why not partner up with a micro-influencer who promotes brands that are also loved by solo travelers?     

Other Ideas that will Gain you more Instagram followers while Globetrotting: 

*Write a captivating bio about your adventures abroad

*Actively engage in trending conversations about adventure and/or luxury travel

*Create your own unique hashtags that might catch on

*Run contests that attract new followers

*Purchase and scale Instagram ads


Gaining Instagram followers while traveling is easy. But targeting true followers not only takes time and creativity, like producing your own IGTV show, it takes ingenuity and testing, such as coming up with hashtags that attract a high volume of quality followers. It also takes cooperation by partnering up with other, like-minded micro-bloggers. 

You have set out on a great adventure to see the world and to promote brands that make the journey just a little bit less stressful. Many people not only want your advice on these brands and services, they want to live vicariously through your Instagram pictures, videos, and words. Those are the followers who will come to depend on you and who will inevitably click the Shop Now icon.  

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