We all dream of an escape to the Swiss Alps, whether during winter to ski down the slopes or summer to hike through the mountains.  It seems each little town is the perfect little mountain town.  The green mountains (or snowy peaks), dark green firs, and blue skies provide an awe-inspiring background to the towns. 

Explore Switzerland via the Glacier Express, a train that runs through the Swiss Alps in one day, across the country from St. Moritz to Zermatt.   While you travel through the country witness lakes, mountains, bridges over trickling streams, castles, and gorges.  You pass through a few small towns that you are welcome to get off at and explore for the afternoon or day or several days.

Both St. Moritz and Zermatt are well known resorts in Switzerland that offer unique activities in both winter and summer.  Winter sports such as skiing, skating, tobogganing, and skijoring are popular among guests and locals alike.  Spring brings milder weather perfect for hiking through the hills. 

St. Moritz is small town known for more for its winter sports. However, there is much to explore in the area.  There are the hamlets of the Engadine Valley with its farmhouses and mineral springs.  There is also the town of Chiavenna in Italy that overlooks the border with Switzerland.  Admire the strange frescoes of the Palazzo Pretorio.  Replenish yourself at one of the crotti, restaurants set up in natural caves.             

At the other end of the train line is Zermatt, the city in the shadow of the Matterhorn.  This mountain is the city's claim to fame.  While it is a dangerous climb, there is the Klein (little) Matterhorn. You can take the ski lift up to the top and then climb the last 50 feet by stair to the summit.  You can be back at the hotel by dinner, too! For the outdoorsman there is over 250 miles of trails to hike surrounding the city!

Whether you come to Switzerland in summer or winter, it is sure to please.  The rich colors or majestic snow makes for a stunning and breathtaking view.  Something not to be missed!