One quick lookup of the thousands of travel hashtags on Instagram and you'll be bombarded with many images of worldly souls constantly chasing the sun. Oftentimes while scrolling through the many photos of bloggers and influencers hiking, swimming, and posing, one can't help but wonder how they're able to afford the lifestyle they are showing on social media.

While it's true that travelling full time is not for everybody, there are things that you can do to achieve the nomadic lifestyle if you're really dead-set on living like a nomad. Here are a few things that you can do to travel full time without having to beg on the streets.

Work where you live

Most of us have this idea that when you travel to other places, you're taking a vacation from work. While this can be true for most quick getaways, this type of mindset will drain your funds faster than you can imagine. 

Many full time travellers work wherever they are in the world. This allows them to not only cover their expenses in their current location, but also allows them to save up for their next plane ticket or travel itinerary.

It's often best to work where you live, especially if you're in an expensive place like Europe. You'll be able to live comfortably on local currency while also getting more funds for your travels, especially if your next destination is in a more affordable place.

Consider online jobs

A lot of full time travellers choose to fund their world tours by getting odd jobs in the city they are in, but with internet connections becoming more and more available around the world many travellers opt to go for online freelance jobs. 

Online jobs are great for nomads because they offer flexible work schedules. The only drawback to online freelance jobs is that they may require you to be in a more quiet environment. Thankfully, coworking spaces like Novel Coworking are available in major cities around the world, giving you the benefits of being in an office-like setting without any of the fuss of a 9 to 5 job.

Prepare to be frugal

Travelling full time isn't always as glamorous as social media makes it out to be. Being in a different place on a regular basis comes with a lot of risks--homelessness included. If you're not careful with your expenses, you may very well end up on the side of the road. You'll need to save money while travelling if you want to do it full time.

When travelling, try to save more money by avoiding luxury options. For example, it might be better to stay in a backpacker's dormitory than in a 5-star hotel, especially if you'll be spending most of your stay outside your room anyway. Food can also be a source of unnecessary spending--avoid eating out for the entire duration of your visit and consider home-cooked meals if possible. 

Being a full time traveller is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of dedication and a strong desire to travel to make this a way of life. But once you get the hang of it, you'll never look back and regret becoming a full time traveller.