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Due To Rising Sea Levels, Vietnam Is In Danger Of Sinking

It is predicted that by the year 2100, a large part of Vietnam would be completely submerged underwater.


Becca Siegel, Dan Gold, Half Half Travel Instagram -- Long Distance Lovers

Photography Couple Traveling The World Show How Long-Distance Lovers Keep In Touch

Becca Siegel and Dan Gold have a life of traveling pleasures at the cost of seeing each other. But l...


Polar Caps -- Save The Earth From Global Warming

Humanity Only Has Scarcely A Decade To Save The Earth

The Earth only has 10 years until the irreversible damage of global warming could change climates an...


TRAILER: 'Game of Thrones' Season 2 Trailer 2, 'War of the Five Kings': ENTV

'Game Of Thrones' Filmed In Iceland’s Spectacular Locations

Travelers have more reasons to visit these "Game Of Thrones" locations in Iceland.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Panel At The 2017 Star Wars Celebration

'Star Wars' Fans Joined Forces In Orlando

Fans of the movie franchise "Star Wars" gathered in Orlando to pay homage to this pop culture phenom...


Travel Internship

Looking For A Summer Job? Why Not Try Out Partying In Ibiza For Free?

Thomson Scene is currently looking for social media influencers that can travel to ten destinations ...


New York Celebrates Environment On Earth Day

New York City Marks Earth Day Celebration With No Cars But Tons Of Edutainment

The roads may be off, but pedestrians, visitors, and cyclists will have a jolly good time with the a...


Disney's Magic Kingdom Orlando

A Quick Guide For A Seamless Trip In Disney's Magic Kingdom

Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida is the world's most magical place on Earth. But it can be...


Hogwarts Castle - The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Florida

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Florida Offers Christmas Holidays This Year

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Florida would celebrate Christmas by throwing wreaths everywhere...


Finland | Life, People and Culture

Finland Is The Safest Country In The World

Finland ranked first in the global study of safety according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).


European Beggars in Asia

Western Backpackers Begging In Southeast Asia Raise Eyebrows Among Locals

Disgusted locals and fellow travelers have seen a rise of Western backpackers who end up begging in ...


Dubai - 2017

Dubai Seriously Hopes To Be The World’s Happiest City

Dubai envisions itself as soon to be the world's happiest city.


Michelle Phan

YouTube Star Michelle Phan And Her Self Discovery Through Travel

Michelle Phan just came back from her nine-month hiatus and revealed she spent seven months travelin...


Rome Trevi Fountain Has About $1.5 Million in Change

The Trevi Fountain's Submerged Fortunes Could Buy You A Home

Rome's re-opened Trevi Fountain earns more than $1.5 million in loose change, which can buy anyone a...


Glass Bottomed Pool in Houston Texas' Market Square Tower

Breathtaking Glass Bottom Pool In Houston Is Scary As It Is Exhilarating

This glass bottom pool in Houston's Market Square Tower luxury apartment is everything suspended in ...


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