The website of the airport provides all the necessary information that the passenger requires while traveling. The information like the flight departure and arrivals and their schedule on different terminals are all provided. The information desks have proven to be very helpful as most people look for transportation representatives before arrival. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are new sanitary protocols undertaken by the Cancun Airport management team. There is a strict implementation of safety measures for all the travelers, and there are many new amenities added to the airport. A questionnaire is to be compulsorily filled by the passengers before they board the flight.

The situation of COVID-19 at Cancun is under control, and after 5 months, tourism in Cancun is getting back. The city is in the yellow stage, which means that they are in the middle of controlling the spread of the virus. The contagious curves have seen a decline, and the government hopes that it continues to move further down. Mexico is completely open to tourism, and there is no rule for compulsory 14-day quarantine for any nationality.


The travelers at the airport can find many transportation services like Cancun Private Transportation with a driver via booking. Many Car rental companies, along with money exchange services, are present at the airport to make the vacation of the traveler easier and more fun. As soon as one reaches the airport, they need to get to their booked hotel or Airbnb, and the best way to commute is by private transportation. The transportation can be booked through the website and will directly take the passenger from the airport.

For successful transfers and tours to neighboring places like Cancun and Riviera Maya, choose Cancun Airport transportation. You will get private, reliable, trustworthy, and safe transportation services from the hotel to different areas like downtown, Puerto Morelos, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, etc. As preferred by most of the travelers, they take them to their hotel as soon as the traveler lands at the airport. To facilitate this better, one can pre-book the service, and the vehicle would be waiting for them. They provide transportation from Condo, hotel, or house to the various destinations either one way or a round trip depending on the traveler's preference.


There are many different types of transportation offered by the transportation services according to the passenger's needs. A few of the most popular services are-

1. Private transportation

The offered private transportation is suitable for either a solo traveler or a group of 2-8 people. In this type of service, the passenger enjoys the liberty of having the entire vehicle by themselves and having an adequate amount of privacy. A bilingual driver is available so that the passenger can effectively communicate with him and know about all the areas worth visiting. The vehicles that are provided are very neat and taken care of with the insurance and permits and the other required documents up to date. The rate of the vehicle differs according to the number of passengers and the desired place.

2. Luxury Transportation

The luxury transportation service is available in Cancun and Riviera Maya and is suitable for 1-6 passengers. The vehicles that are booked or reserved, and the passenger does not have to share them with anyone else. This transportation can take one to many places like Akumal, Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras, Tulum, and many others. The service is very regular, and the available vehicles can be explorers, expeditions, escalades, or Yukon. The differing rates are due to variation in the number of passengers and their destination.

3. Handicap transportation

The vans are equipped with specially designed ramps for easy use by people with certain disabilities. The people using wheelchairs, whether electrical or manual, can use these vans as the anchorage system can carry the passengers easily and safely. The travelers can either sit comfortably in their chairs or can shift to the seat of the van with the help of the experienced staff. The Handicap vehicles are looked after properly and can take up to 1 disabled person along with 14 other companions. The taxes and charges are all included in the booking amount, and a bilingual driver makes it easier for the traveler to have a conversation.

There are different kinds of services and vehicles like VW transporter, Toyota Hiace, suburban vehicles or SUVs, etc. It is more efficient if the passenger pre-books the type of transportation service which they prefer. A pre-booked service has an advantage over the taxis offered at the airport as they charge higher and are not properly maintained. They do not provide the best possible experience for travelers. Last but not least, you can opt for private ground transportation which is offered by Cancun airport.