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Exotic Food You Must Try in Thailand

Traveling to different places works best if you will be daring and adventurous. Why? Because as you go on, you will meet a lot of people and different cultures. You need to adjust and adapt to their lifestyle in your little stay within their place.


Female Traveler

Risk-free Places for Independent Female Traveler

In the dates of gender empowerment, females have shown an inclination to solo adventures as a form of escape from the hustle-bustle rural. Nothing holds them back as they search for the tranquil grandeur of nature and most, solitude, despite the possibilities of risks.


Death Cafe In Bangkok: Lie Down Inside A Coffin And Get Discounts

People fascinated about death should not miss to visit the Death Awareness Café in Thailand. The themed café has unique items in their menu including drinks named as 'painful' and 'death' which will surely make its customers think about mortality.


Watch Out For These Bizarre Laws Around The World That Will Get You In Trouble

Some places have unusual mandated laws. This is why tourists must acquaint themselves with it before immersing themselves in whatever the place has to offer.


Blame Overtourism: Maya Bay In Thailand Closed To Travelers

Maya Beach in Thailand, which became world famous after it was used as the setting for Leonardo de Caprio's film, has been ordered closed to tourists. It has been put under rehabilitation for four months from June to September.


Thailand, Bali, Orlando Summer Trip Cheaper Than Summer In Spain, Ibiza

A travel site said that a trip to Thailand, Bali, or Orlando would be cheaper for a family than a trip to Spain.


The Most Dangerous Countries For American Tourists Revealed

The number of travel warnings and actual deaths determined the rankings of the most dangerous countries for American tourists.


Turtle That Ate Almost 1,000 Coins Died After Two Weeks From Surgery

Om Sin, or "Piggy Bank" the sea turtle has died due to blood poisoning after swallowing nearly 1,000 coins thrown by locals and tourists. The sea turtle has undergone two surgeries since March 6 with veterinarians removing about 11 pounds of coins all in all in Om Sin's stomach.


'Holy Turtle' Ate Almost 1,000 Coins Thrown By Locals And Tourists

A town, Sri Racha, near the Gulf of Thailand, has a pond on which people, locals and tourists alike, tossed coins for a turtle that was believed to be holy and brought them luck. However, Om Sin the sea turtle suffered from eating almost 1,000 coins thrown into her pond.


Edible Stage In Thailand’s Wonderfruit Festival Focuses Sustainability In Tourism

In line with celebrating Thailand's artistry and traditional rice farming culture, an edible stage will be built for the Wonderfruit Festival this weekend and visitors are guaranteed to have a taste of it. The brainchild of the project is Pete Phornprapha who aims to have art and culture to be communicated sustainability but in a way that excites people.


Five Luxury Hotels You Can Stay In For Less Than $200 A Night

Experience any of these five luxury hotels without breaking the bank with just under $200 per night.


Learning Martial Arts In Pattaya (Thailand)

If there is a place on earth that makes self-defense instruction a good tourism draw, one of them is in Thailand.


Chiang Rai, Thailand's Wat Rong Khun Is One Of The Most Unique Temples You'll Ever See

Fond of visiting the ancient temples in SouthEast Asia? Thailand is definitely one of the best places that you must visit.


The Ultimate Luxury Trip: The Bond Villain's Lair In Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a very cultural country that can offer different types of travel destinations throughout its regions. One of the most incredible travel destination in the world, particularly in Asia is Phuket, Thailand. A paradise on Earth, Phuket is home to a number of virgin beach resorts and incredible cliffs.


Travel Tips: Best Places To Do Yoga in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A tranquil yoga sequence that focuses on breathing and balance which will help you de-stress, unwind, and un-clutter your mind. Here are some of the best places in Chiang Mai for Yoga


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