Located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is one of the most captivating city is known for being a luxury tourist hub in Thailand. That luster of international renown has not faded and, in fact, an article published by Express Co. UK named Thailand as one of the hottest paradise destinations in 2017.

Why Self Defense Instruction?

When one thinks of long holidays, among the easiest concepts that come to mind are the following: beaches, parties, shopping, and sightseeing. The nearest thing to a physically challenging activity is hiking. Why would anyone curtail fun and subject oneself to rigid self-defense instruction?

The Value of Personal Protection

Contrary to popular belief, training in martial arts might be the only path to self-discovery some people are struggling to find in their lives. One of the most important values enjoyed by people who learn self-defense instruction is the sense of empowerment it brings after accomplishing every strenuous routine outside anyone's physical and psychological comfort zone.

This empowerment allows people of humble characteristics to feel secure in their physical well-being as well as their personal outlook (confidence). Another contrary to popular belief, training in martial arts does not stop in learning several clever moves. In fact, a report published by a newspaper in Belize highlights how self-defense instruction succeeds under the auspices of international relations. Elite cops who are supposed to be well-versed in protection services continue to learn something new. Why shouldn't everyone else?

Pattaya's Kombat Group

 Sometimes all it takes to be a good martial artist is to be an intrepid tourist with a lot of time in their hands. How much time? Pattaya's modern Thai kickboxing school named Kombat Group offers a one-year training package to all outsiders. One year, in this particular case, does not mean 'an admission available all-year round' but rather 'a total of 288 session days/nights.'

Apart from a range of accommodations, Kombat Group also provides three square meals a day and a schedule of martial arts courses one can attend every day. This overseas martial arts academy functions like a real university for martial arts enthusiasts. What better way to spend the longest holiday becoming a much fitter and stronger person the following year?