Anyone planning to create their A-list of tourist destinations in West Africa could never go wrong with the literal mention of its prime alphabetical initials. When it comes to exotic appeal and pure off-beat experience, one can always find an incomparable experience by visiting the capitals of Madagascar, Nigeria, and Ghana. Here are the reasons why:


Visitors who travel in Madagascar are often drawn to three things: French colonial heritage, privacy, and eco-adventures - and almost always in that order of importance. People who visit Antananarivo can always find a number of attractions worth noticing.

Being the cultural and political center of Madagascar, it is not surprising that a huge percentage of the local population is living in this city. The most crucial tourist draws in Antananarivo are the lemurs. Over 100 species of these small primates are endemic in this exotic island nation. These creatures may continue to thrive given how isolated Madagascar is from the entire landlocked continent. 


Apart from being the most politically neutral territory in the conflicted nation of Nigeria, Abuja curiously has a relatively short history. Since its foundation in the 1970's, tourists who visit Abuja often simply treat it as the only viable starting point to other interesting attractions in the country. In fact, just outside the urban quarters lie the verdant prairies on the foothills of Aso Rock.

One of the prevalent reasons why international visitors enter Nigeria is because it is a wealthy oil-producing state. However, recent reports have implied that the current economic difficulty in this part of West Africa is beginning to recall citizens who migrated elsewhere.


4 years ago a celebrated novelist once reported in the CNN describing her homeland, offering an accurate insight for those who plan to travel to Ghana. Although the conventional definitions of excellence place African nations like Ghana on the bottom scale, it stands to reason that the genuine compassion of its inhabitants is a trademark often overlooked.

Anyone who plans to visit Accra in their next vacation can find the best accommodations in the University of Legon Guesthouse for $60 a night. It is also worth noting Accra is also home to a number of shops that sell luxury vogue wardrobe made from wax print fabric.