When people ask you to make an A-list of this year's travel destination, you might want to take the challenge literally. In 2017, there are three good options to choose from among the capital cities whose initials start the first letter of the alphabet. These are the following capital cities worth mentioning:

Addis Ababa

In late 2016, Westerners were generally discouraged to travel to Ethiopia due to its relatively questionable domestic insecurity. But right after the succeeding turn of the year, Ethiopia is starting to get back on its feet as a tourist magnet. What better place to start than its international port of entry, the capital city of Addis Ababa.

Anyone who plans to visit Addis Ababa must a lot a budget of at least $35 per day. This city offers one of the grooviest nightlife scenes in North Africa. This city is also the most accessible starting point to other fascinating tourist destinations in Ethiopia.  

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the several luxurious Arab cities that do not seem to follow the strict restriction against alcohol. Although people who travel in UAE (United Arab Emirates) are devout Muslims, they have rather loose conventions in terms of having casual nightlife entertainment.

If you plan to experience decent night-time happenings when you visit Abu Dhabi, it is best to pick establishments inside hotel buildings. Some of the best bars in the city (if not the whole country itself) is found in popular hotel lounges. Or.... One can always pay a visit to the islands of Saadiyat and Al Maya.


There are many people who would choose to travel in Turkey among other countries in the Mediterranean region. For a predominantly Muslim nation, you'll be surprised to know how multicultural Turkish society is. Anyone planning to experience the spirit diversity should visit Ankara. It is not described as Turkey's cosmopolitan capital without a good reason.

To get around Ankara, or anywhere around Turkey for that matter, a budget of at least $63.51 per day is sufficient. Warning: increased risk to public security cautions tourists to be aware of the dangers. It may be best to delay the visit when headlines are a bit scarcer.