In terms of traveling in Norway, there are two cities that tourists would choose. Anyone who loves to experience a sophisticated eco-friendly urban society may wind up in Oslo. For those who prefer a more rustic and ecological setting, Bergen would be an ideal place to be. Visiting either of these cities will solely depend on what the tourist is looking for.

There are a number of reasons to visit Bergen for a vacation in Norway. These are the following facts worth noting:

Warmer Camping Grounds

One of the most important reasons for tourists to visit Bergen has a lot to do with the climate disparity between this city and Norway's capital. Anyone who simply had enough of freezing outdoors ends up retreating in a relatively warmer Bergen climate. Temperatures below freezing point occur rarely.

Love The Country Life?

As hinted earlier, Bergen is a stark contrast to Oslo's urban setup. This municipality is more rustic in its overall infrastructure. There are over seven different mountains surrounding this quaint conurbation. All of them are perfect for hiking escapades.

Medieval Imperial Capital

Historically, wealthy Europeans have been traveling in Norway since the 13th Century AD. The reason is because Bergen has been the official capital of the Hanseatic League for nearly five centuries.   

People traveling in Norway would also choose to visit Oslo, even if it is notoriously known for its unfriendly daily budget. Here are the reasons why:

The World's Skiing Capital

People in different parts of the world would visit Oslo because it is considered the winter capital of the world. It stands to reason that this is the best and most prestigious venue for the popular Olympic sport called skiing. Oslo is teeming with reputable skiing resorts.

Urban Greenery

As hinted earlier, one of the most interesting aspects about Oslo is how its urban design perfectly fuses with its ecology. In fact, every 15 minutes of continuous road trip in the capital city brings visitors to another pruned forest.   

The Viking Realm

History buffs who plan to visit Oslo only tour the city for one thing - Viking culture. The Viking Ship Museum is just one of the many places worth exploring to revisit this bygone age. Take note: the current Norwegian monarchs are a living reminder of that Viking heritage.