Travels not only give us experience but also a piece of each place's culture. And the best way to experience these beautiful places is to visit them, explore their glory, and taste their food without breaking the savings. Here are the cheapest places to travel.


Thailand is always the backpackers' favorite. This place is a breeding of every traveler's dream- it has relaxing islands, opulent culture, copious beach-huts, enticing cuisine and overloading adventures-all often amazingly budget-friendly prices. Always heavily packed with tourists, one can still get away from the crowds and visit Nakhon Si Thammarat for some of the best food in the country. One can also go on a motorbike adventure for a 600km trip by the Mae Hong Son Loop side by side with the forested northern mountains.

South Africa

One of the best things about exploring South Africa is budget-friendly price safari experience loaded with all the animals present in high-end safari adventures. One can visit Hluhluwe-Imfolozi to gaze at the white rhino and to get away from the crowds of Kruger to the Drakensberg for exceptional hiking. Moreover, do not forget to reserve a few days of your trip to visit the breathtaking Cape Town.


Vietnam remains amazingly valued by Western visitors despite the changes that happened over the decades after the American War. The country's ultimate attraction is its transcendent countryside, ranging from the mineral karsts of the north to the watercourses and paddy grounds of the Mekong Delta. Vietnam has heavenly beaches and distracted cities overflowing in between. Then there is the food - grab a chair at a pho kiosk. Enjoy eating some of the best foods for only $2 side by side with the locals. One can enjoy these wonderful place at a budget-friendly price.


If you are looking for a better value destination at a budget-friendly price, with the ambiance of Brazil, head to Uruguay. The place is sprawling with charming beaches. Visit Cabo Polonio for softer sands and rich wildlife. Forbes suggests to also visit the elegant old capital of Montevideo.


There has never been a better time to visit this Caribbean island than now. Visit the salsa clubs of Havana, or get entangled in the heady July carnival of Santiago. RoughGuides advises that one can also dip toes in the warm Caribbean at Varadero Beach. Cuba is a place with attractions on budget-friendly prices.