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The Most Dangerous Countries For American Tourists Revealed

Travelers Today       By    Chiqui Guyjoco

Updated: Apr 21, 2017 04:22 AM EDT

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The most dangerous country for American tourists have been issued the most travel warnings and saw a large number of Americans killed. It also happens to be a favorite destination among Americans.

A recent data published by Priceonomics revealed the most dangerous countries for American tourists. Based on key factors such as the number of travel warnings and actual deaths, one country surprisingly bested the rest of the countries on the list. The study revealed that Mexico came on top as the most dangerous country for Americans to visit.

From 2009 to 2017 and excluding advisories for natural disasters, Mexico received the most travel warnings at 28. Yet its location makes the most dangerous country for American tourists irresistible because it's easier to reach. While the country is notorious with organized crime groups, Mexico City and the Yucatán peninsula are generally deemed safe for travel.

The most dangerous country for American tourists also contributed to 50 percent of Americans killed between 2009 and 2016. Of the 1,193 actual deaths in the top 25 countries that listed the most number of Americans killed, Mexico accounted for 598. The data counted homicides, executions, drug-related deaths and those that resulted from terrorist attacks.

The rankings skewed after gleaning only the deaths out of 100,000 American tourists in a country. Pakistan came on top as the most dangerous country on the list. Thailand, the Philippines, Haiti and Honduras followed closely in the top five.

Other countries that appeared in the top 25 list by travel warnings issued included war-torn countries or those with political unrest like Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mali, Nigeria and Syria. According to Express, the Global Peace Index (GPI) listed these countries as the most dangerous to visit not just for American tourists in particular but for everyone else. Considered as the least peaceful out of the 163 countries listed, Syria came on top with the highest danger level.

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