Literary travelers shout hallelujah! There are some good Samaritans out there who would offer a roof above your head and books to read. These Samaritans happen to be gorgeous book hotels for the weary tourists who yearn to browse manuscripts, paperbacks, and hardcovers.

If not books or libraries, then these hotels offer some book-themed rooms or friendly features for the bibliophile. See below our list of hotels who took their love of literature to the next level.

1. The Literary Man Hotel in Obidos, Portugal. The four walls of the hotel is a mounted book shelf filled with 100,000 books. Their cellar-turned-spa and restaurant are also filled with it which bibliophiles can read while relaxing or eating. The Gin Bar is pretty much interesting to see if people would discuss sheer poetry and non-fiction after a few drinks. So, borrow a book in The Literary Man and tuck yourself into bed and have a good read.

2. Bed and Book, Japan. You sleep in a bookshelf. Literally. This hostel provides you 3,000 books to read while slumping down in your little corner. According to Bed and Book, "It would be needless to say what you have an experience in this space surrounded by a lot of books." Is the ultimate reader's paradise? Your call. It's more of a reader's haven than an accommodation. "There are no comfortable mattresses, fluffy pillows nor lightweight and warm down duvets, "they stated. Book and Bed offers that experience of a book lover trying to finish the last few chapters of the novel at 2 AM before heading to sleep at 4 in the morning.

3. Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Baguio, Philippines. Up in the cool climate of Baguio, Philippines stands a quaint hotel named Casa Vallejo houses one of the cultural hub of the mountain's literary scene - Mt. Cloud Bookshop. Filipino authors get invited to hold talks and seminars in the bookshop as well. Fancy for some open mic performances and poetry readings? They also hold story-telling sessions and activities for children. As first in the country to hold book subscriptions throughout the nation, they suggest you step out of your reading comfort zone and for them to do the choosing for you out of the answers you've given them through their questions.

4. The Library Koh Samui Suratthani, Thailand. This boutique resort has an all-white library with you borrowing them while reading at the poolside or on the Chaweng Beach. It is stocked with loads of good travel reads and more. You can even borrow through their collection of films and music while you're on your stay there. So, if you're tired with all the modernity in your face, just take out a good book and read.

5. The Commons Hotel, Minneapolis. Geeks would love the chic place as they enter the hotel's in-room art galleries, alchemy mixology discussions, and Sudoku sleep-ins. For the literary travelers, would you like to go to their library? Oh, and if you're tired of exploring the city for you to go to their library, you can avail of their Book Butler. Imagine this, "What would you have for dinner, Sirs and Mesdames?" "Alexander Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo and Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray, please." "Very well."

Oh, and we can name ten more hotels for book lovers.