The Philippines is one of the most famous archipelagos in the world. It has been blessed with more than 7,000 islands and each of those islands has a paradise waiting to be discovered. When you are in the Philippines, there are definitely several locations that you can go for vacations. Most of those locations are already known to tourists both local and international.

However, according to the recent surveys of the Telegraph, there are hidden destinations that Philippines can offer too. Check out these paradise that are really picture-worthy destinations.

1. The Banaue Rice Terraces - This is one of the least visited iconic places of the Philippines. This is somewhere found at the Cordillera region where you can get the chance to see the most spectacular rice terraces ever created in the Philippines. The place has a field with different plantations of papaya, sweet potato, and sugar cane will definitely give you a good view of the archipelago.

2. Bohol - Palawan and Boracay are among the most common destinations when people are trying to escape into a paradise. However, Bohol is definitely among those hidden destinations which were not known yet by many. In Bohol, you will also find white sand beaches that are never been heard before. It is a few minutes flight from Cebu which is also one of the big cities in the Philippines.

3. Surigao del Sur - One of the least visited places which offer great adventures for travelers. In Surigao, you will find the most spectacular blue lagoon, according to the Rappler. This is situated somewhere in the municipality of Cantilan. In this municipality lie the pristine beaches which were also surrounded by islands and islets.

4. Quirino - It is usually a good location for northbound travelers. This is somewhere in Baguio and definitely among the least visited locations in the Philippines. The place offers lots of outdoor activities, like river and cave adventures. In this place, you will also see the views of the Cagayan river flowing through its verdant landscape.

5. Leyte - This is one of the places which was destructed by the famous typhoon Yolanda; however it has slowly got back into its beauty. Leyte can offer you with several hidden destinations too like Kalanggaman Island which is found in Palompon. It greatly offers you its white sand bars and clear waters for swimming, too.