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Travel Tech Round-Up: Best Holiday Gadgets For 2017

These days, you can find travel gadgets that are puzzlingly affordable. Here's a roundup of five travel gadgets that guarantee efficiency without having to break the bank. Or maybe it may need a little investment that is surely worth it.


Travel Tips: The Best Travel Gadgets You Can Bring To Your Trips

There are lots of things that needs to be considered in travelling. One important thing you need to consider is how you'll survive throughout your trip. Here are some of the modern gadgets you should bring when you travel.


Jacket With 42 Pockets Designed To Store Gadgets

SCOTTeVEST, a company from Idaho that specialises in garments with unique pockets for electronic devices, introduced their latest vest in the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show.


Why Bring a Portable Playstation When Traveling?

Play Station Portable is one of the gadgets that you can should consider taking with you while traveling. It is mostly known as a gadget where you can play games but its functionality is actually broad than that. It is most suitable for long distance travels where you are glued to your seat and if you or your trip demands a second phone.


To do List: Gadgets to consider when travelling

If you one of those guys to happen to travel a lot then you should consider this to do list. There are some gadgets which become essential for a traveller’s life. They become basic necessity and part of the trip as they happen to lower your burden and make your ride cheerful. Below I have made a list of some


British Airways Permits Gadget Use During Take Off and Landing

Following the updated flight regulations done by the European Aviation Safety Agency, British Airways takes the lead in allowing flyers to use their handheld gadgets during take off and landing.


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