A clothing company developed a jacket where you can fit all your electronic gadgets, even a laptop.

SCOTTeVEST, a company from Idaho that specialises in garments with unique pockets for electronic devices, introduced their latest vest in the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show. The product is called the Enforcer jacket designed to carry a Surface Pro or laptop inside one of its pockets.

'Everything about this is designed to accommodate the things you want to carry,' Scott Jordan, founder and CEO of SCOTTeVEST, said . 'We really engineer clothing to accommodate these things. It changes the way you think about clothing.'

Jordan designed his first vest 15 years ago after realising the need for something that can carry his many gadgets. His first product propelled him to create the company. It eventually grew as they innovate more clothing capable of storing various types of electronic devices.

These jackets are not only about being able to carry your favorite gadgets but it also has fashion in mind. The wearer should not appear bulking up numerous items that is why SCOTTeVEST made the pockets, all 42 of them, well hidden.

The company also asked for advice from chiropractors on how to go about the distribution of weight. This way, the user would not be too burdened on one part of the body. With the help of the health professionals, the company claims to have 'perfected' weight distribution in their products.

They also designed the jacket in such a way that opportunists will have a hard time snatching or stealing the stored gadgets. People, especially those who are concerned of their fitness, can use the gadget vest while working out in the gym.

Even though there is a wave of gadget models being introduced every now and then, the garments are designed in a manner that the items will be able to accommodate this fast-paced changes. The vest have pockets designed to fit any size of electronic device in nicely.