People may now grab their new iPhone without worrying about paying a fortune. Those who have been wanting to buy a new iPhone with a huge discount but wants the assurance and security by getting it directly from Apple may now get their own iPhone at the Apple's refurbished store.

According to reports, the Apple Store refurbished section is not well known to the public and has been a quiet secret for many years. But people who search for refurbished Apple hardware may have seen this section at Apple Store. This hidden section on the website, as per Forbes, gives Apple an opportunity to build a positive relationship with its consumers.

The refurbished section on Apple Store's website was popular and only well-known to customers looking to buy a MacBook laptop. People still prefer buying MacBook laptops directly from the Apple refurbished store, though refurbished and are generally one or two generation below than the current models, since they go on sale with a full warranty from Apple and are eligible for Apple Care. And by getting refurbished MacBooks directly from Apple saves the consunmers around ten to fifteen percent than the actual cost of the laptop.

In line with this, Apple has recently updated its online refurbished store and included a range of different old and new iPhone models which will give its consumers the ability to get almost $120 discount on phones and the security of a one-year warranty from Apple as reported by Mac Rumors.

With the holiday season and Black Friday sale fast approaching, Apple has placed refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models on sale with prices ranging from $449 for an iPhone 6s 16GB, and $529 for a 16GB iPhone 6S Plus which offer consumers a $100 to $120 discount compared to brand new units priced at $549 and $649 for 32GB of storage space.

Years before Apple started selling refurbished iPhones, customers had to wait for third-party deals online, through their carriers or purchase iPhones from other people in order to save money in getting their new iPhone. And while Apple is selling these refurbished products, consumers are assured that all the devices Apple is selling are tested, certified, cleaned, and comes with a one-year warranty. Apple have also replaced the refurbished phones' with new batteries and outer shell so they can assure that consumers are going to have a less expensive, but an almost brand new phone.