The new Apple Watch Series 2 offers iOS users a lot of new features but there is still one thing that most users sure would want to have on their Apple Watch: a camera. Apple still did not include this feature on the new Apple Watch Series 2, but users will still be able to use their Apple Watch to take photos, and make and receive video calls using a new camera- equipped band.

The camera- equipped band called CMRA was created by the same team behind the video chat app Glide, according to Mac World. This band will enable Apple Watch users to take photos and video calls. The band has a 2- megapixel front- facing cameras which can be used to take selfies and make FaceTime- like video calls, and also an 8MP camera facing out to take pictures without needing to take your iPhone out.

The band also has an 8GB built- in storage, and uses the Apple Watch as a viewfinder. Reports have shown that this camera- equipped band will also enable users to still take photos and videos using its shutter even when their Apple Watch is turned off or out of battery. It was also stated that the CMRA's charging dock was designed to charge the vand on the Apple Watch simultaneously so the user won't be requires to have an additional charging setup.

In order for users to make or receive video calls with the CMRA, they would have to download or have the Glide watchOS app. Users will also be able to pair the band to their Apple Watch in order to share photos and videos on social media. The CMRA may also be used for live- streaming but users need to have the latest wathOS 3 and iOS 10 in order to have access to these features. The CMRA is now available for pre-orders staring Wednesday for $149 and is expected to ship in Spring 2017. It is available in four colors: black, white, blue and grey.