Travel is a strenuous activity but one that refreshes and opens up new perspectives for those participating. Travel gadgets aim to make travelers' journeys more efficient and precise by adding a power supply for other devices, device protection, the security of valuables and more. These five are the greatest gadgets to bring during the holidays this 2017.

Music is an essential part of travel and smartphones can deliver music from its digital storage devices. But smartphone speakers are truly weak against the crashing waves and the ambient noise of crowds in the area. The Lava Brightsounds Bluetooth speaker is all about traveling with music and style because of its size and its eponymous lava lamp, perfect for night chilling or dancing by the beach.

According to PC Advisor UK, internet access is becoming precious for every beach trip. Travelers wishing to upload their travel selfies quickly or those who are working on a serious project by the beach would need mobile Wi-Fi to cap their inflating and expensive data roaming services. The publication recommends the TP-Link M7350, a simple device that allows any SIM card with an LTE service function and a 32GB microSD slot to share or upload pictures from an SD card.

Smartphone lenses already exist, as reported by Trip and Travel Blog. Less expensive than bulky DSLRs and intuitive for casual photographers, the Mpow Clip-On 180 Degree Supreme Fisheye Lens does the deed perfectly to create a fish-eye lens effect for photos. Smartphones with a maximum of 13mm diameter lens could benefit from this nifty gadget.

The blog also recommends a "smart" suitcase. Anybody in social media may have seen photos of startup and upcoming travel technology where bags can charge devices on the go or collect solar energy to use for recharging devices and the bag's electronic facilities itself. Bluesmart is a smart carry-on bag that will not get lost—it tracks itself. Travelers with registered smartphones are the only ones who could unlock the luggage, and it allows one to check the weight of their luggage any time.

Lastly, always carry a power bank. Solar chargers are amazing when heading to tropical destinations. The SP-SC-0015 is cheap, but it provides about 5000mAh of power to travelers' devices—which means one could charge a tablet three times with a fully-charged SP-SC-0015. The solar power bank itself is also collision-proof and has a 1.2w solar panel attached in its front that charges the battery under the sun aside from its USB charging port.