If you happen to travel a lot then you should consider this to-do list. There are some gadgets which become essential for a traveller's life to lower your burden and make your ride cheerful. Below I have made a list of some.

Door Alarm:

 Yes, this gadget comes at first in my list. It helps you remain safe while you are in an unknown hotel or something like that. As if someone comes in your room with your knowledge it will trigger the alarm.


You can't even imagine having a trip without this. It can guide you whole trip and you may even need not to ask anyone. You can even book hotels, rent cars, book tickets, pay bills and even find food. Don't forgot to take it in your trip!

External battery:

Though these are called smartphone but yet their batteries aren't smart enough. You will probably need an external source in handy to power them up in case you are on a long tour.


You can simply sit ideal and listen while travelling. This is where headphones come into play.  You can listen to music, watch videos or movies even on the go and with 4G LTE speeds you need not to wait even.


I know you do have smartphones but who like to watch movie on small screens, yeah I know we do have phablets like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Xperia Z Ultra but still tablet has its own place and at moment it can't be taken by phablets even.


Yeah I know smartphones nowadays have great quality but still cameras have their own place and way which can't be taken by even 41 Megapixels Nokia Lumia 1020 or Apple's iPhone 5S. The feeling cameras provide is really different than the one given by phones. If you happen to have point and shoot camera then you will not notice much difference between phones but when DSLR comes in play phones are still really behind.

These are some must have gadgets while you are travelling, there are many more which will be covered up in next part of this article soon.