Did you know that PlayStation Portable is one of the gadgets that you can should consider taking with you while traveling?

Listing a video game console as a crucial gadget when traveling leaves much to argue. It's like arguing if Justin Bieber is better than One Direction -- people will go with the one they started with. So, we will list a few recommendations why you should bring a PsP in one of your travels and hopefully convince you.

The PsP or Sony Portable PlayStation is mostly known as a gadget where you can play games. But its functionality is actually quite broad and it is not limited only to playing video games. The device is slim, light, and handy which makes it a gadget that is not very difficult to carry along with you while traveling.

It is most suitable for long distance travels where you are glued to your seat and the options are limited.

It's also something to bring if you (or your trip) demands a second phone. Compared to certain phones, the Sony handheld device is tougher. The handled console is capable of most features that one can take advantage from a phone.

It can connect to a wireless connection where you can browse the internet or call someone in Skype. Just do well to remember turning off the wireless network device during take-off and landing while in an airplane.

You can also use it to play music but of course, the iPod is better. You should also consider using an earphone while listening for this not only save power but it also keeps you from disturbing people nearby.

In order to entertain yourself, the PsP has the ability to play movies. The battery usually lasts 6 hours if you use it to watch videos and 5 hours if you use it to play games.

If you have to take a gaming gadget with you, then go with a PsP. The Sony portable device may have less games than most consoles, the Nintendo DS may be more popular plus it has better games targeted for younger children but the PsP trumps other consoles due to its multiple multimedia features.