After months of waiting from Snap Inc.'s announcement, hundreds of customers lined up in front of bright yellow vending machines and had to wait for hours to get a hold of their very on Snapchat Spectacles on Thursday. Unlike any other devices where you have to pre- order, go to a mall or place an order online to buy one, the $130 video camera sunglasses called Snapchat Spectacles are only available through Snapbots, which are bright yellow vending machines.

These Snapbots are not placed in only one place. Instead, they journey across the United States, on spot at a time that's why it seems that Snapchat sells the new Spectacles using just one Snapbot, as reported by CNETIt is also expected that customers will spot a Snapbot in big cities or densely populated areas like New York and Los Angeles and according to the report, the first Snapbot was spotted at Venice Beach, California. The company said that Snapbots will appear in "places where you're excited to make memories."

According to LA Times, Snap Inc. and analysts describe the Spectacles as toys. These "toys" are available in three colors: coral, teal and black. The report also stated that according to analysts, the Spectacles are not actually a threat to the traditional sunglasses since those who were seen wearing Spectacles at the Venice boardwalk still have sunglasses draped on their collars.

For customers who wants to get their own Spectacles, a map and an application is made available where Snap shares the next location where the Snapbot will be spotted 24 hours prior to its "landing." A Spectacles Geofilter will also be available in the Snapchat application if a Snapbot is nearby but location services should be turned on to see Geofilters. As of the moment, the pop-up vending machines will only be available in the United States.