Russian-Italian company Caviar has introduced their latest addition to its Supremo collection, a gold- plated iPhone 7 with a portrait of the newly president- elect Donald Trump. The company is currently celebrating 'great men', and is also the brain behind the gold- plated Vladimir Putin iPhone.

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has expressed his love over the color gold over the years. Some companies have started making high- fashion items that are trending today and they wanted to get on top of the trend. The company Caviar, according to CNET, wanted to be on top of the game by introducing its 'changeover iPhone' with Trump's portrait on it. The custom iPhone 7, aside from Trump's portrait also has his tagline on it, "Make America Great Again," and a coat of arms of the United States. The gold- plated Trump iPhone costs $3,082.

The company's PR advertisement states, "This phone is a material expression of hopes for rapprochement of Russia and USA and for confirmation of well-disposed Trump's words about Russia by deeds which will lead to Changeover of relations between two Great Powers." Back in 2014, Caviar also designed and released gold- plated Putin iPhones with similar design to the Trump iPhone.

Photos of the mentioned phone has traveled over the internet. Business Insider reported that Caviar mentioned that the best way to express patriotism is to buy the gold- plated Putin iPhone. Caviar also released a new iPhone 7 design, the Supremo Putin Damascus Black Gold edition. The Russian- Italian Company hopes that president- elect Donald Trump can get a hold of one of the gold- plated Trump iPhones they designed and will do everything possible to bring the phone to Trump himself.