February 25, 2024 5:08 PM


Experience The Different Locations in Los Angeles From the Golden Globe Winner ‘La La Land’

'La la Land', the Golden Globe winning film, lets you experience Los Angeles in this memorable, romantic musical.


List Of Halloween-Themed Parties Derived From Movies And Series

Good news for those movie or TV series-lovers, there are a lot of Halloween-themed parties that will immortalize your favorite. Party like it’s the end of the world and scream as loud as you can! Dressed in your favorite character, bring to life the excitement of every scene.


Where Are Gotham and Metropolis located exactly?

Both cities where Superman and Batman currently resides is supposed to symbolize New York. With the release of the new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where Batman and Superman are about to come face to face, comic book fans are left wondering where exactly the 2 heroes are currently located.


There’s a Place Called Batman and No— We’re Not Kidding!

Back in 2008, a mayor sued the Dark Knight mastermind Christopher Nolan not because the movie was anything short of amazing but because the mayor wanted Nolan to know that the name Batman was rightfully theirs.


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