Superhero fans are excited and patiently waiting for American filmmaker Zack Snyder's upcoming superhero film, "Justice League", which will be released next year on the 17th day of November. The film will feature DC Comics' fans all-time favorite superheroes, like Batman (who is played by the actor Ben Affleck), Wonderwoman (played by the actress Gal Gadot), Superman, Cyborg, the Flash and Aquaman.

As of now, Warner Bros. Entertainment has showed the fans of Justice League one official trailer for the movie, along with two stills. Snyder recently showed a few obscure images on his social media accounts which included a picture of a character that seems to be the Batman super villain, the mercenary and skilled assassin Deathstroke. It was then announced that actor Joe Manganiello will be playing the character, as said by

Zack Snyder also recently joined the new social media application Vero, which was supported by DC set photographer Clay Enos. According to movieweb, the film director signed up for the social media site less than eighty days ago, which was the time when the Justice League film was still in production.

Five photos were posted in Zack Snyder's Vero account. One of the photos includes an image of actor Jason Momoa, who will be playing the role of Aquaman. The actor was seen wearing a dark green colored coat and boots. There were also two pictures that depicted Bruce Wayne's, also known as the alter ego of the caped crusader Batman, house which also included an image of a classic Bentley automobile. The other two photos are said to be from the set they shot in Iceland. One picture shows a boat next to a building with a "Newfoundland's Finest Sea Food" sign. The picture might have been the place where Bruce Wayne first met with Aquaman, which was seen in the recent Justice League trailer.