"La La Land" is the Golden Globe winning film starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as Mia and Sebastian, a pair of struggling artists who experience love, life and the pursuit of hard-won dreams in what turns out to be all the right places - all over Los Angeles.

The movie looks back to a style of musical that began with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and remained popular through the 1950s, where sometimes the feelings get so intense that the characters had to stop their real lives to break into song. Here are some of the places in L.A. from this romantic musical:

THE MOVIE LOT: Warner Brothers Studios - Mia works as a barista at a studio coffee shop. The studio is one of Hollywood's oldest working movie lots, offers 3-hour or 5-hour deluxe "behind-the-scenes" tours through the factory that brought us movies like "Rebel Without a Cause," the Batman movies and the "Friends" Central Perk set.

THE STEAK JOINT: The SmokeHouse - Jazz player Sebastian reluctantly plays Christmas tunes, while arguing with his manager, then he bumps into Mia. Burbank's famous steakhouse has served generations of movie folks - from Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn and Judy Garland to '60s Western movie extras dining in their cowboy and Indian costumes, according to SmokeHouse lore.

THE COASTAL ENCLAVE: Hermosa Beach - After introducing Mia to a jazz club, Sebastian strolls along a pier and sings. Hermosa Beach's namesake pier extends 1,000 feet into the Pacific Ocean from the sandy shores of South Bay L.A.'s most buoyant 'hood.

THE LOFTY GREEN SPACE: Griffith Park - Sebastian and Mia sit on a bench overlooking the the city, then they perform a dance as sunset comes. The park is one of the country's largest urban parks and contains the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Greek Theatre, the Autry Museum of the American West, several golf courses and kilometers of hiking and horseback trails in its 4,000+ acres.

THE MURAL: 'You Are the Star' - Mia walks by a wall painted with stars during the golden age of Hollywood. Created in 1983 and recently restored, "You Are the Star" still remain as one of Hollywood's most treasured murals -featuring Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and a dancing Fred & Ginger, among others. CNN takes you to more of these splendid and memorable locations in "La La Land".