April 16, 2024 1:00 PM

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Escape To Costa Rica For a $275 Round-Trip Flight

Enjoy the lush greenery and wildlife in Costa Rica by availing of a $275 round trip flight.


Experience The Different Locations in Los Angeles From the Golden Globe Winner ‘La La Land’

'La la Land', the Golden Globe winning film, lets you experience Los Angeles in this memorable, romantic musical.


Top Five Pacific Islands You Should Visit; Moana’s Multi-Cultural Ocean Home And More

Can’t choose between the hundreds of thousands of Pacific islands? Check out this list for the low-down on great undiscovered island retreats.


Top Five Of The Most Amazing Things To Do When You Visit Canada

Most people would go to famous places, like the Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies and the CN Tower, or just watch a game of ice hockey and enjoy a breakfast consisting of maple syrup and Canadian bacon. However, for more amazing travel ideas, here is a short list of the top five things to do for travellers who are planning to go to Canada.


Cuixmala Secret Island Getaway Houses Mexico's Most Expensive Hotel Suite

The most expensive suite, the Cuixmala Suite, was the private quarters of Goldsmith before the property's conversion, so, unsurprisingly, it is by far the most luxurious accommodation today.


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