"How did you hear about us?", is one of the most common questions asked by hotel staff to Malika Dalamal, a writer for Fathom who traveled from London all the way to the secret island getaway of Cuixmala on Jalisco, a state on Mexico's Pacific Coast.

Mexico's Secret Island

According to the Fathom article, staff were constantly asking about where she found out about them, as it is one of Mexico's best-kept secrets. Made up of just 9 casitas and 4 private villas, the whole property sprawls on 25,000 acres of land, lagoons and beaches - a perfect hideaway from work, stress, and modern life.

The road to Cuixmala is not easy though, with no signs pointing toward the property. Upon reaching a nondescript fence, a security escort follows the guests down winding forest roads for 15 minutes to the resort's reception.

A Glamorous Past

Built in the late 1980s by Sir James Goldsmith, the billionaire eco-warrior filled the property with a lot of exotic animals, ranging from birds and sea turtles to crocodiles and zebras.

Despite its secrecy, the island has hosted the stay of many glamorous guests such as Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Henry Kissinger also visited, and even came in his private plane which he landed on the property's grass strip.

Most Luxurious Suite

In 2009, Robert Couturier, designer extraordinaire designed the interiors of the boutique hotel, and has since then attracted the attention of even more A-list guests, such as Mick Jagger, Madonna, and Bill Gates.

"The most expensive suite, the Cuixmala Suite, was the private quarters of Goldsmith before the property's conversion, so, unsurprisingly, it is by far the most luxurious accommodation today," says Architectural Digest, "On one side it opens to a lush, flower-filled courtyard, and on the other, to a wide terrace and private pool. Both offer the ultimate in solitude and relaxation."

Designed with high ceilings, a reading nook, and a fireplace makes it hard for any guest to leave the room, despite the delights the island offers. The property's private two-mile beach is framed by large, arched windows in the main room. However, the best experience is sitting in the oversized soaking tub at the suite's whitewashed private bathroom and enjoying the sunset.

All this can be yours at $4,500/night.