In just two months, it will be December, spelling the start of winter for most of the world. One of the best things to do during the winter is to hit the slopes of fine, fresh powder, and have the ride of your life. Skiing is not the most budget-friendly hobby, but with these tips, you can save a little money on non-essentials and afford to go down that slope a few more times.

1. Pepper your travel package with freebies and deals

Some chalets include cooked breakfast, afternoon tea, and a three-course dinner. In fact, some chalets even include unlimited wine - something many regard as the ultimate treat.

Don't forget the inclusion of skiing essentials too though, such as hotel transfers to the slopes, lift pass, equipment hire, and ski instructor. These can cut down on your budget by a lot, instead of going to different sources, who will each charge you full for every item.

2. Packed lunch

Another important inclusion to package deals are whether or not they include pack lunch, as it could be costly to go for lunch at the only luxury cafe sitting at the top of the slopes. After a whole day of skiing, you might be hungry and forced to pay more than you're willing.

Besides package deals, it pays to prepare or buy some sandwiches from the local supermarket and bring it for the trip. Also, don't forget these innovative travel gear of 2016, which can come in handy during your excursion.

3. Other options besides the Alps

The Swiss Alps is the most famous ski destination for most travelers, but other regions provide great skiing conditions at half the cost, and half the amount of crowded tourists and waiting lines.

"Eastern Europe has seen huge growth as a skiing destination in recent years, particularly Bulgarian resorts such as Bansko, due to the extremely competitive cost of packages there," says The Telegraph. "Choosing the Pyrenees instead, with resorts such as Baqueira-Beret in Spain, the Grandvalira area in Andorra and the Grand Tourmalet area in France, gives access to varied and challenging slopes at a fraction of the cost of a trip to the Alps."

4. Time your bookings

A last minute booking usually isn't recommended, but some tour operators often leave this option open, in order to fill a booking, and make the most out of these fees. In fact, a new app, Whym, gives you access to details on last minute bookings, which can cut up to 70% of costs.
Another good time to plan your ski trip is during the pre-Christmas season. Despite risks of low snow cover, try opting for a resort located way higher up the mountain glacier. This gives you a stronger chance of taking advantage of off-season prices during late November and early December.
5. Book it yourself

Although travel agents provide the most convenient way to get a booking, some chalets and hotels offer their own all-inclusive deals without the cost of going through a middleman. Check out itineraries provided by travel agents, but take the initiative to check out independent websites as well, to book it yourself and save on costs.

This ski chalet in Megeve, France should get you excited for the winter months.