Last June 2016, W Magazine's most glamorous globetrotter, Giovanna Battaglia got married to husband Oscar Engelbert in Capri, Italy. What followed next was the dream honeymoon of a lifetime in Iceland.

Giovanna Batagglia's Dream Iceland Honeymoon

Giovanna on her segment "Gio's Journal", detailed in an article for W Magazine the luxurious Iceland vacation, where they travelled to famous places such as Iceland's lava lakes, glaciers, and waterfalls. They also got to do extreme activities like driving a snowmobile.

They culminated their stay with a midsummer-night celebration, with Giovanna wearing a vintage Valentino gown.

For most of the national parks they visited in Iceland, most of the places were so serene because there was literally "no one around". Giovanna's drops a travel tip for staying warm, saying, "For the trip, I bought this Arc'Teryx men's jacket, two sizes too big. Not only was I warm but, more important, I was also rocking the oversize trend, even in the wilderness!"

Besides these essentials, make sure you bring the most innovative travel gear of 2016, as well.

Iceland Honeymoon for Young Professionals

Despite the luxury seemingly involved in planning a dream honeymoon in Iceland, many couples have opted to go for this option, instead of the usual stay in a hotel room by the beach, only to face work, taxes, and bills, just a week after.

A young millennial couple, with the wife under the pseudonym "The Wedding Sparrow", writes on her website how they planned a wonderful honeymoon with the help of a travel agent. Both being young professionals, just getting updates in their email inbox in the weeks leading up to the trip already provided them relief from the stress of work and wedding planning.

A Quick Itinerary for Your Iceland Honeymoon

The first stop on their itinerary was to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Then, the itinerary brought them to Golden Circle which is the area around Iceland's national parks, featuring the world's most spectacular waterfalls and geysers. They marveled at Thingvellir National Park, where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates are pulling apart at a rate of a few centimetres per year.

They say that the coldest part of their trip was the Gulfoss (Golden Falls), which plunges into a 32m (105ft.) drop. The chill and the thunderous sound of the water was inspiring.
Lastly, they headed to Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon, their favorite part of the trip, where they were able to warm down after a long time travelling through the cold country.

"If Mr Sparrow wasn't at the bar getting a cold Icelandic beer to float around in the milky white water, we were covering ourselves in the Silica Mud Mask they provide at the side of the water," said the Wedding Sparrow, " With in water massages, steam rooms, waterfalls and epic scenery surrounding the outdoor pool, it's definitely the perfect honeymoon spot to unwind and chill with your new hubby. You can hire your bathrobes and even your swimming trunks should you forget! The Blue Lagoon even holds weddings and events so if you fancy jumping in the hot springs with your dress on, you know where to head..."

Many young couples have posted videos of their Iceland Honeymoon on YouTube, this one by Simon Reinert should inspire you to plan the honeymoon of your dreams.