Canada--the United States of America's nearest neighboring country, has a lot in store for travelers seeking for an adventure or two. Most people would go to famous places, like the Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies and the CN Tower, or just watch a game of ice hockey and enjoy a breakfast consisting of maple syrup and Canadian bacon.

There are more things to it besides the stereotypical Canadian things we all know. A good way to enjoy a trip to Canada more is to try other unique things, like howl with the wolves of Algonquin Park, walk on the ocean floor of the Bay of Fundy during a low tide, visit the Dinosaur Provincial Park or Dino Valley, and maybe spend some time bird watching, hoping to spot a Bald Eagle, as suggested by the Travel ChannelHere is a list of five things you can do during a vacation trip to Canada, according to Wanderlust travel magazine:

First on the list is to visit a Churchill, also known as the Polar Bear Capital of the world. Most people there will tell you about their own personal polar bear encounters, since the bears annually go there because Churchill is along the bears' yearly migration routes. Visitors can spot the polar bears usually during October and November.

The second activity is to go kayaking in the Rackets archipelago in Novia Scotia. This place is filled with gorgeous forests and lots of fishing shacks. There are even pirate coves and also, seals. Third on the list is road tripping along Canada's Atlantic coast. Travelers can drive along the beautiful sceneries of Canada's provinces New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Fourth, is to enjoy the Toronto's city life. Toronto is a good place to start if you want to hang out with the locals, know more about Canada through its museums, and enjoy an awesome breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes and waffles, with maple syrup, of course. Lastly, one of the best highlights of Canada is Whale Watching, both in the Pacific and the Atlantic side. Belugas, right whales, orcas and even the blue whale, can be easily seen in the north Atlantic.