Admit it. Not everyone that you will get to ride with on a plane is decent and responsible enough. Some of them are just literally making things that will ruin others' flight experience. Perhaps, despite hoping for a relaxed and peaceful flight, there can be times when you will find yourself on a flight that is bombarded with people who do things worse than you could ever imagine. Here are some of the worst things that people do on planes.

Not using headphones when listening to music or watching a movie. Flights can be boring especially when you are alone. One way to get rid of this boredom is to listen to some good music (well, depending on your own music preference), or watch a movie. However, some passengers actually do not care whether or not their co-passengers want to listen to their music or hear the sound effects of the movie they are watching. Instead of using a headphone, there are passengers who tend to play these stuff loudly regardless of the noise and inconvenience they give to other passengers.

Talking loudly. Remember that you are on a plane, not in an arena. Despite being a public mode of transportation, you still have to respect the other passengers, especially on long haul flights. And talking with your travel companions as if you are the only one inside the plane actually do not do any good for you and to everyone onboard, Independent says.

Not doing anything while your baby is crying. It is actually not the babies' fault if they poop or feel discomfort during flights. But if the babies' companions do not do anything to make them stop crying, then that is another story. It can be pretty annoying for other passengers who want some peace and silence during flights so better do something to make the babies stay calm (and quiet, too).

Causing the delay of flights. Uncontrollable passengers can be a problem for cabin crews and can also be the cause of flight diversions and urgent landings, Mashable says. There are several passengers who make fun of the flight attendants by telling them that they have Ebola. Or sometimes, others can also be unruly by reclining their seats which likewise causes annoyance to other passengers. Please try to refrain from being this type of passenger.

Kicking the seat's back. Whether you are on an actual airplane or even in the cinemas, the worst thing that you might possibly encounter is when the people behind you kicks the back of your seat. Whether it is intentional or not, it can sometimes cause of fights 3,000 feet above. Plane seats might be a little short for your legs but bear in mind that everyone on that same plane suffers the same thing so better keep your feet and legs with you.