Planning for a vacation involves a lot of factors and one of the most important factors is your budget. Your travel budget doesn't only include flights, accommodations, and tour packages so travelers need to take note of a destination's cost of living too. There are just some places where you'd feel so guilty for getting the lowest deals and here are the top 5 vacation destinations for budget travelers.


According to Skyscanner, beds, and mouth-watering food would cost no more than $2. It's the best place for backpackers and budget travelers where 5-star hotels with wifi are at a decent price around $300. Also, there are just a lot of places to visit in Cambodia like the Angkor Wat, Kraite, Silver Pagoda and Battambang.


It may be hard to believe but a day in Vietnam would just cost around $6 and that includes food, transportation, decent accommodation and a little bit of drinking. From the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh to the peaceful village of Hoi an, there are different activities you can do in Vietnam at very low prices.


You'd probably spend a lot of money if you choose to stay in Mumbai and Delhi since most designer shops and international hotels are located here. But aside from these two places, the prices in India are really cheap where you can travel first-class via train at really low prices. It's like you're living a life of a raj with just about $20 in your pockets.


Thailand is just rich in culture which is why it attracts a lot of tourists but another reason why it gets a lot of attention is because it's cheap there. According to Business Insider, taxis would cost around $2, hotel accommodations are around $120 and meals would be at $27 dollars.


If you're into some South American culture, then Honduras is just the place for you. You'll find some white sand beaches and visit some old Spanish towns at really cheap prices. You'll be spending no more than $25 dollars a day.

For all those cheapskate travelers out there, these top 5 vacation destinations for budget travelers could be your next destinations. All that's left to do is to plan it out.