The holiday season is in and it's just the best time of the year to travel. But people need to take note that the holidays are also a time when scams and hoaxes become rampant. Shady people usually grab the holidays as an opportunity to take advantage of people so here are some of the top 3 travel scams to avoid during holidays.

Super Cheap Flight Prices

People are usually after the cheapest flights during holidays but you must be careful because there are a lot of fake travel agencies popping up during holidays offering cheap flight packages. You will know if these agencies are fake if they only accept bank transfers for payment.

According to The Guardian, legit travel agencies would accept credit cards and other payment options so buyers can easily get their money back for refunds. Make sure that you do your research first before booking that flight.

Taxi Meter Is Not Working

There's a big demand for taxi cabs during holidays and the "broken taxi meter" is the most common travel scam that cab drivers usually pull off. These scammers would usually wait at airports and train stations for their next prey. They would tell travelers that the taxi meter is not working and give the passengers a much more expensive rate.

Fake Police Officers

Tourists are usually the most common victims of these fake police officers. According to Expert Vagabond, these scammers would work as a group to get money from ignorant tourists.

How this travel scam works is that strangers would approach you and offer you illegal things like drugs and then a fake police officer would appear randomly and ask for your passport. These fake officers would then scare and intimidate you and the only way for them to stop is that you give them money.

It's really a must to do lots of research about these different travel scams because there are still lots more. There are always people trying to take advantage of the holiday season.