South Korea is probably a place that should be on your bucket list. There are a lot of sights and attractions that would just blow your mind away. Not only that, the place is just full of culture and there's a lot of authentic food too for food lovers. But for first-time travelers, there are a few budget tips that should be taken note of to make the experience cheap but enjoyable at the same time.

Make Plans In Advance

Before you pack your bags, make sure that your itinerary is all set from airfares and hotel reservations. Do a lot of research about the different airfare prices because there's always a time when prices are too high. Prices would also be cheaper if you book in advance.

Get Cheaper Accommodations

It's not necessary for travelers to stay in an expensive hotel unless you have more than enough money to burn. According to The Travel Debugger, if you want to save money, try a Hostel or a cheap inn. Try to explore different options like staying with relatives, house-sitting or couch surfing.

Food Is Less Expensive Outside Tourist Spots

According to Lonely Planet, you won't get enough of the delicious South Korean food found in the streets. If you want to save money, try looking for street food and avoid touristy areas like Myeongdong because prices are usually high there.

Get An Integrated Pass For Palace Hopping

There are lots of palaces in South Korea like Gyeongbokgung, Jongmyo and Deoksugung. It would be better getting an integrated pass that would cost around 10000 won compared to buying individual passes which would total to 14000 won.

Share To Save

One last budget tip for first timers would be to share with someone. Sharing accommodations, food and travel expenses with a travel buddy would save you more money than you think. For example, most Korean dishes are good for a couple of people so don't be too greedy during meal time.

These 5 budget tips for first timers would really help you a lot if you plan to go to South Korea. Now, all you need to do is to book a flight and to pack your bags.