The Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are teams that both won NBA championships before but now they're both struggling teams fighting a way to get into the playoffs. The waters are still being tested for these two teams and they have yet to find the right mix for their respective rosters. Recently, there have been NBA trade rumors that the Heat and Lakers could be joining the trade market this season.

The Lakers are currently at the 11th spot with an 11-20 record. The young Lakers team started the season strong pushing for a playoff spot. But as the season progressed, the team slowly revealed its weaknesses which are a lack of frontcourt depth and veteran leadership.

 The Lakers franchise was always known for having all-star centers in the past which is why they had multiple championships. But now, they only have Timofey Mozgov, Tarik Black and rookie Ivica Zubac rotating the center position. A lack of frontcourt depth could be the reason why the Lakers could be in this season's NBA trade rumors.

In a report by Fan Sided, heat center Hassan Whiteside could be shopped this trade season and it might be a good opportunity for the Lakers to get him. Whiteside is a beast in the paint who has been averaging 17.6 PPG, 14.8 RPG and 2.3 BLKPG this season. He would be a perfect fit for the Lakers who could play alongside power forward Julius Randle.

Now, the question is who could the Lakers give in return? According to the Inquistr, Jordan Clarkson appears to available which is why he's been involve in NBA trade rumors lately. Clarkson has been strong coming off the bench averaging 14.5 PPG, 2.2 APG and 2.9 RPG, but it looks like he could put up bigger numbers as a starter.

A possible deal that would send Clarkson to the Heat and Whiteside to the Lakers seems beneficial for both teams. Clarkson could be a starter for the Heat and Whiteside could help the Lakers push for a playoff run.

There's still a few weeks left for these NBA trade rumors to happen. For now, NBA fans just need to wait and see what happens in the following weeks.