Most people have that misconception that North Korea doesn't allow tourists in its country. In fact, people are very much welcome to visit, under strict rules of course. But the thing is, North Korea actually attracts thousands of visitors each year because of these top 5 tourist spots.

Paektu Mountain, Changbai Range

Paektu is an active volcano which is part of the Changbai mountain range and is actually the highest mountain of that range. According to Korea Konsult, the mountain has a large crater lake at the summit and is considered as the deepest and coldest crater lake in the world.

Tomb of King Tongmyong, Pyongyang

 According to We Find You Go, there are at least sixty tombs in the Pyongyang area and the Tomb of King Tongmyong is a famous mausoleum built in honor of the founder of the ancient Goguryeo kingdom, King Tongmyong. The tomb has gained popularity since becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is why it is one of the top 5 tourist spots in North Korea.

Juche Tower, Pyongyang

There are lots of monuments in North Korea and the Juche Tower is a must see. People can climb up to the top and experience a panoramic sight of Pyongyang City.

Worker's Part Monument

Another monument in the Pyongyang Area, the Worker's Party Monument is another edifice that is just a walking distance from the Juche Tower. The three arms that appear to be holding tools each symbolize education, farming and industry.

Kim II Song Square

This area is the capital of Pyongyang and the entire North Korea. This is the place where big rallies and massive military parades are usually held. The place is home to the Grand People's Study House which is the largest library in the country. In fact, North Koreans above the age of 17 can get free lectures in this library.

Knowing about these top 5 tourist spots in North Korea might just rid away that common misconception that the country isn't travel-friendly. North Korea actually has more visitors than most people think.