With the holiday season kicking in, there is going to be a lot of travel scams surfacing the internet. In fact, a trending scam is still looming Facebook today which offers a trip to Maldives for four people that comes with a $3000 travel money just by sharing a promo post. People think that liking and sharing a post wouldn't do any harm but there's so much at stake and here's why.

According to Hoax Slayer, this Facebook page claims to give people a chance to win a trip to Maldives but it's actually another farming scheme to accumulate a big amount of likes and shares. The page asks people to share its post and that a random shared post would be selected as a winner. It also asks for likes so people can get updates about the so-called prize.

In just a matter of hours, the page would gain lots of followers but the prize doesn't exist. People are just being tricked into promoting the page since they think that there's no harm in doing it.

There's actually a lot of farming schemes spreading all over Facebook eyeing ignorant people as its victims. In a report by USA Today, these scams could be very dangerous once they succeed in getting a huge number of likes and shares. The scammers would then edit the page and sell products attempting to get personal information such as credit card data.

Scammers could also sell the page to other scammers for a big amount of money. Little do people know that these farming schemes are becoming a business these days. There are actually more travel scams during the holidays and people need to think first before getting into these traps.

The internet is full of bad so it is a must for people to think about the things that they click. Do lots of research first before you become a victim and lose your money.