A lot of people are still falling for online scams on Facebook encouraging scammers to continue their same schemes. Now that the holidays are in, Facebook scams about travel are becoming rampant taking advantage of people wanting to have a vacation. People need to know these different schemes before they fall for it and here's how to spot holiday travel scams on Facebook.

According to The Telegraph, these Facebook promotional pages that offer free trips to tourist destinations are mostly fake. A lot of these fake pages ask people to like and share the page offering a trip to the Bahamas, Maldives or whatever place they like to say in their so-called promos.

 Once the scammers get enough likes and shares for the page which would make it popular, they use it to steal personal information. The page is edited and the scammers try to sell or promote other products tricking people to give away credit card numbers and other important details.

Spotting these fake travel scams isn't that hard but people still fall for it because they think there's no harm in sharing and liking a page. There's actually a lot of danger when people fall for these kinds of schemes.

Usually, these schemes are always too good to be true. That's one of the indicators if a travel offer is a scam or not. Why would a company give away a free trip just by liking and sharing a page? It's not how it works.

The Balance also reported that people need to check if the account is verified or not. A blue check mark is usually right next to the company or page name. However, most legit pages don't have the verified check mark sign so checking the page itself is a must.

Look at the posts on that page if it's related to what it's promoting. If the page is recently created, it's most likely fake. Also, if the page is related to a big company, checking the official website would help. The Facebook page of that company is usually found on its website. Doing a lot of research would really help you avoid these scams.