Cambodia is one of the Southeast Asian nation having rich cultural heritages and beautiful places. The country is filled with mountains and forests and lots of natural wonders like most Southeast Asian country. Despite the recent decrease in the country's tourist visits in a few months, Cambodia's beauty never fails to amaze.

Cambodia has been awarded as the "World's Best Tourism Destination" and the "Favorite Cultural Destination" of the European Council Tourism and Trade. It was the country's first time to receive the award and its tourism will surely flourish even more. According to Escape and Touropia, here are some travel tips giving you the best places in Cambodia.

1. Angkor Wat- Cambodia is definitely known for the biggest temple in all of Angkor. Its tower also has a height of 669 ft. The temple was built way back in the 12th century and its wonderful architecture and its sense of inspiration from terror greatly impresses tourists all over the world.

2. Kraite- Found by the wonderful river banks of the Mekong River, Kratie is a little town rich in culture where tourists are welcomed with lots of backpackers available. Tourists get to enjoy the country's famous dolphins and lots of outdoor adventures by the Mekong River.

3. Silver Pagoda- Home of the Emerald Buddha of Cambodia, the Silver Pagoda's artistic interiors and architecture was influenced by the Ramayana myth. The courtyard is rich in jewels and important valuables.

4. Sihanoukville- For the beach lovers, the Sihanoukville will be much appreciated. With great beaches and great white sands, tourists, even the locals, love coming to Sihanoukville. There are times when the beaches are filled with people.

5. Battambang- Feel the essence of the history of Cambodia with its town the Battambang. It may not be as grand as the capital city of the country but it does show pretty temples minus the crowd. The town is also known for its Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary which is truly one of a kind.

 No wonder Cambodia is one of the World's Best Tourism Destination. These are just five of the many places Cambodia boasts of. With all these beautiful attractions from beaches to temples to the county's wonderful towns, you'll surely discover many things in this country.