April 22, 2024 1:17 AM

Angkor Wat Cambodia

The Angkor Wat Alternative: Exploring Cambodia’s Forgotten Ruins

Angkor Wat is often jam-packed with tourists every day that officials are starting to initiate projects or limitations to divert the people to elsewhere. If you're going to Cambodia anytime soon and wanted to be away from the crowds, here are some off-the-beaten-sites to visit without losing the soul of Angkor's temples.


Overcrowding Puts Limit To Angkor Temple Sunset-Watching

Sunset-watching in an Angkor Temple in Cambodia will be limited to 300 people after it was seen that the effects of overcrowding would ruin the temple.


Notes Of 700-Year-Old Chinese Explorer Shares Insights On Wild Cambodia

It seems like people will follow travel tips from a 700-Year-Old Chinese Explorer in exploring Angkor, the mysterious, prosperous capital of the Khmer Empire in Cambodia. Chinese envoy Zhou Daguan, wrote his experiences in his notes called, 'The Customs of Cambodia,' and today's scientists and explorers only discovered some enlightenment of Angkor through Daguan's writings.


Angkor Wat Ticket Prices Increases

Tourists will find themselves paying steeper costs to get inside its temples, while Cambodians and all children under 12 years old, whether by domestic or foreign tourists will still be free.


Travel Hacks For Budget Travelers: How To Tour Cambodia On A 50 US Dollars Per Day Budget

While the tourism industry continues its rise in Cambodia, the cost for touring this hidden gem of a country remains relatively low. In this travel hack, we will show you how you can tour Cambodia on a 50 US dollars per day budget.


Siem Reap Guide: How To Get Around Angkor Wat

Cambodia is most frequented for a tour to Angkor Wat. Discover how you can get around the scenic spot, detours, and how less it could cost you.


Five Places In Cambodia That Proves It Is 'The World's Best Tourism Destination'

Cambodia is an Asian country that has wonderful tourist attractions. Here are some places that makes Cambodia truly worth the visit.


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