If you are into sunrise or sunsets - everything in between; plus bike rides to a historic landmark - then you must definitely tour around Angkor Wat. This, no doubt, is the most-visited tourist attraction in Cambodia; with thousands of cameras trying to take that perfect snapshot and selfies that reveal stories of bliss.

The Three Angkorean Temples - Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, And The Bayon. Angkor Wat is not just one temple but three spread across the city. Angkor, Ta Prohm, and The Bayon. Its grandeur and beauty has been showcased in many movies, but absolutely nothing could have prepared you for the real thing. Angkor Wat is the most preserved amongst the roster of Angkorean temples.

The Shortcut To Angkor Wat's Best View Of The Sunset. The best way to catch the sunrise is to head to the East Gate and then go to the temple using the back side right at the empty stone corridors. The West Gate could be pretty crowded and you won't get the best view from there. From there, watch how the sun illuminates the stones as it comes down.

After admiring the energetic rays of the sunrise, you can proceed to the West Gate to enjoy a cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast. The crowd would have been gone by then and you would have more time to explore Angkor Wat without much fuss. Ta Prohm must look familiar to you because it has been featured in Tomb Raider.

Get An Adventurous Guide. You would definitely need more time unlocking the beauty of these three temples so it's recommeneded to grab the three-day ticket which costs only $40 instead of buying the $20-ticket for a day.

Navigate with a guide to get the most out of Angkor Wat. You might have researched a lot about the place but its 400-square kilometer area could prove to be overhwleming. It would be best to find a guide who is flexible and would be adventurous enough to allow you to explore outside what's in the guidebook. You would need a private "tuk tuk" to tour around Angkor Wat or some would explore the area in bikes.