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Angkor Wat

World's Most Spectacular Landmarks Recognized With TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards

Angkor Wat Wins Again as World's Top Landmark; Alcatraz #1 in the U.S. Popular Experiences and Tours at Award-winning Landmarks Also Revealed


The Angkor Wat Alternative: Exploring Cambodia’s Forgotten Ruins

Angkor Wat is often jam-packed with tourists every day that officials are starting to initiate projects or limitations to divert the people to elsewhere. If you're going to Cambodia anytime soon and wanted to be away from the crowds, here are some off-the-beaten-sites to visit without losing the soul of Angkor's temples.


Overcrowding Puts Limit To Angkor Temple Sunset-Watching

Sunset-watching in an Angkor Temple in Cambodia will be limited to 300 people after it was seen that the effects of overcrowding would ruin the temple.


Siem Reap Guide: How To Get Around Angkor Wat

Cambodia is most frequented for a tour to Angkor Wat. Discover how you can get around the scenic spot, detours, and how less it could cost you.


Secrets Of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Secrets Revealed

Discover the secrets to why the magnificent Angkor Wat temple in SiemReap, Cambodia attracts millions of visitors every year.


The Top 5 Southeast Asian Holiday Destinations To Unwind, Hike, And Have Fun

Thinking of getting away from the cold Christmas weather? Here are the 5 best Southeast Asian holiday destinations where you can get sun, sea, and cities.


Top Five Famous Bucket List Entries Every Traveler Must Visit

With so many great places to see, one will nver run out of places to visit in this world. We have simply narrowed down 5 places that we think everyone should get the chance to see at least once in their life.


Mystical Temples

Over centuries and centuries Southeast Asia has acquired many beautiful and awe-inspiring temples. The temples have been preserved for years as holy sites for believers. Even today many of the temples are still in use. These temples are an important part of the society as collectors of culture and art, religious values, and engineering feats.


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