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Buddhist Mountain Temples In Korea Now Part Of World Heritage List

UNESCO has added a new place to its prestigious roster of World Heritage Sites. Located in South Korea’s mountains, the Seven Buddhist monasteries were deemed to have a one of a kind cultural and religious significance to the region.


Green Volcanoes

LOOK: The ‘Green Volcanoes’ Of France Is The Newest World Heritage Site

UNESCO has added a new wonder to its roster of World Heritage Sites and it can be found in France. Whether people want an adventurous vacation or a relaxed one, the green volcanoes of Chaîne des Puys got them covered.


World Heritage Sites

Here Are The Places Added To The UNESCO World Heritage List 2018

The places that are part of the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List are known all over the world. This year, its committee is convening again to deliberate more places to add to its roster.


Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel - World Heritage

Five Countries With The Most World Heritage Sites

Do you love visiting a world heritage site? Do you want to see more of them? These five countries have the most number of heritage sites that rivaled no others.


Kakheti, Georgia wineries

Five Hidden Wine Regions For You To Discover

Find out where this five hidden wine regions and discover more fine vintage wine.


Everyday Life In Ethiopia

5 General Facts About Lalibela (Ethiopia)

Travelers who visit Ethiopia could learn a thing or two about one of the country’s most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Discover The Azores Islands: The Atlantic Ocean’s Best Kept Secrets

Discover why the Azores Islands has been considered by USA Today as one of the Atlantic Ocean's best kept secrets.


DJI S800 Flying Over Banaue Rice Terraces in Philippines

Appreciate Nature’s Beauty With The Best World Heritage Sites In Asia

Earth is one extraordinary place. Here are some of the top World Heritage sites all over Asia.


The Kumano Kdo Pilgrimage Trails

Women Are Forbidden: A Look At Japan's Women Pilgrim's Route In Koyasan

Although women have an important role in society, they did not have the same status as men in many ancient civilizations. Japanese women have experienced the same kind of discrimination as many women all over the world has experienced through the centuries.


Maldives Islands See New Wave Of Chinese Tourists

Trip To Maldives? Four Seasons Reveals New Private Island Travelers Should Look Forward To

Four Seasons is known for offering great luxury hotels and resorts. Now, the company has unveiled a new private property in Maldives.


Belgian Beer

UNESCO Deems Belgium's Beer Culture A Treasure Of Humanity

In the 11th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Conference Centre in Ethiopia,Belgian's beer got a nod from the committee, citing that "making and appreciating beer is part of the living heritage of a range of communities throughout the country."


Cityscapes Of Beijing - The Great Wall

Five Best Attractions In China That The Whole World Admires

China is known to have tons of magnificent tourist attractions. Here are five attractions that best represents China and its culture.


Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Five Places In Cambodia That Proves It Is 'The World's Best Tourism Destination'

Cambodia is an Asian country that has wonderful tourist attractions. Here are some places that makes Cambodia truly worth the visit.


The Amalfi coastline is among Italy's most popular tourist destinations.

Beyoncé And Jay-Z News: Couple's Annual Mediterranean Cruise Budget Will Shock You: How Much Did They Spend?

A Mediterranean cruise along the Amalfi Coast, has become a tradition of the music industry’s superstars, Beyoncé and Jay Z. They usually tour around the coast every September, the birth month of Beyoncé.


Leaning Tower Offers Night Views

Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites Unlocked: Get To Know The Most Important Landmarks In The World

The best art is created by nature and the greatest protégé of nature are his people.


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