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Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Latino

10 Quirky Latino Slangs In America

Considering the sprawling population of Latinos in the United States, it’s no longer uncommon to hear strange yet familiar Spanish phrases.


25 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan (Watch This Before You Go)

A Record-Breaking 24 Million People Visited Japan In 2016

Japan has outdone itself as a prime tourist destination in Asia. Just recently, the 20 million count has grown to 24 million according to experts.


Jeju Island Vacation Travel Video Guide

Where In South Korea : Seoul Versus Jeju Island

Anyone planning to travel to South Korea has two popular choices. The capital city of Seoul and the ecological jewel of Jeju Island appeal to a certain variety of tourist.


Indian Street Food Tour in Mumbai, India | Street Food in India BEST Curry

Five Of The Most Luxurious Restaurants In Mumbai

As one of the best destinations in India, there is more to Mumbai than the local Indian cuisine. Here are the top 5 Mumbai restaurants.



The Best Places To Eat Braai In Cape Town

Anyone traveling in Cape Town should not miss the awesome South African cuisine. Here are the best places to feast on the city’s tasty barbecue.


OKINAWA | Japan's tropical paradise

Five Interesting Facts About Okinawa

Although Okinawa is a part of the Japanese archipelago, some cultural features about this distant island make it unique on its own.


Tokyo Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

East Asian Derogatory Terms Westerners Should Take Note Of

Racism is a very sensitive issue in the United States. But in East Asian countries, some derogatory terminologies become an inseparable component of its language.


Fedor Chudinov v Frank Buglioni Media Work Out

Top Five Boxing Gyms In London, United Kingdom

Among the best boxing gyms in the world can be found in the birthplace of the modern sport. Here are the notable locations in London, England.


Marrakech Sites and Scenes

Five Dishes You Must Not Miss In Morocco

As one of the best tourist destinations in the African continent, the top 5 Moroccan dishes are also popular international fares.


What is the

Scandinavian Pick: Norway, Sweden, Or Denmark?

People who are looking for a unique vacation experience could also try visiting the Nordic countries. Here are the three principal nations worth considering.


Chiang Rai's Eclectic Attractions Cater For Growing Number Of Chinese Tourists

Southeast Asian Pick: Malaysia, Thailand, Or The Philippines?

As the world’s backpacker’s paradise, adventurous tourists would always prefer visiting Southeast Asia. Here are the three countries worth noting…


Golden Gate Transportation District Requests New Rules Limiting Drones Near The Iconic Bridge

Where In California: Los Angeles Versus San Francisco

Between the most popular cities of the west coast state of California, Los Angeles and San Francisco are always vying for more visitors.


Living Room Art Installation Stands 6 Stories High In Manhattan's Columbus Circle

Five Greatest Travelers In Ancient Times

Tourism, as of our contemporary concept, may not yet exist in ancient times. However, there are travelers in the past who define tourism as we know it.


Along The Hong Kong Border

Top Five Best Restaurants In Kowloon, Hong Kong

Anyone visiting Hong Kong could stop by the finest restaurants in Kowloon, where the best Cantonese dishes are served.


Sumo Wrestlers Practise Prior To The Next Tournament

Six Rules Of Etiquette When Visiting Sumo Training Sessions

As one of the oldest and most sacred sports in Japan, sumo entails a number of important rituals. These are the ones visitors must observe when watching a sumo training session.


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