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Where In California: Los Angeles Versus San Francisco

Travelers Today       By    FG Dullin

Updated: Feb 21, 2017 03:16 AM EST

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Golden Gate Transportation District Requests New Rules Limiting Drones Near The Iconic Bridge
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - APRIL 27: A view of the Golden Gate Bridge on April 27, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Golden Gate Bridge officials are asking the Federal Aviation Administration and U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein to help restrict drone operators from flying unmanned aerial devices near the iconic span. Officials say that the drones pose safety and security threats to the bridge which has been designated as a potential terrorist target.
(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The west coast of California has generously opened its doors to immigrants for more than two centuries, despite (ironically) the ostensibly isolationist position of the current administration's so-called Muslim ban. As of 2014, 38.8 million inhabitants call it as their home. This state is still one of the biggest multicultural territories in the United States. In 2015, around 27 percent of the entire state's population is foreign-born.  

Between the two important cities of California, there are key locations that urge foreigners to visit Los Angeles instead. These are the following tourist spots to take note:

Hollywood. One of the foremost things that come to mind for people thinking about Los Angeles is Hollywood. Indeed, this city is considered the cultural center of America's blockbuster filmmaking industry since the 1950's. Among its notable tourist attractions is the Walk of Fame.

Little Tokyo. Declared as a National Historic Landmark in 1995, this neighborhood is considered as the cultural center of Japanese Americans living in Southern California. Little Tokyo boasts a vast array of Japanese commercial outlets, from restaurants to recreational stores (e.g. books, anime DVD's, etc).

Movie Studios Tour. Speaking of Hollywood, the best way to enjoy American movie patronage for people who travel to California is to tour around the prestigious Hollywood studios. The most popular of which is the Universal Studios theme park.

Despite the glitz and glamor of LA, there are also a number of reasons why some would prefer to visit San Francisco. These are the following attractions worth mentioning:

The Biggest Chinatown

Not only does San Francisco have the biggest Chinatown outside of Asia, it is also the oldest Chinese community in North America. As of 2012, around 21.4 percent of the city's population is comprised of Chinese Americans. This neighborhood is teeming with exotic shops, dim sum restaurants, and other commercial outlets.  

Alcatraz Prison

Since it closed in the mid-1960's, the Alcatraz Prison has beckoned outsiders to explore the remnants of its notorious past. This prison was home to America's legendary criminals, among which included Al Capone.    

Travel Back In The 60's

The Haight-Asbury district was the center of the Hippie Movement during its heyday. Now, this neighborhood takes visitors back into the age of the 'Flower Children.' Many would easily describe this part of San Francisco as a 'colorful' zone.


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